Tutū is a colloquial Māori word used to describe someone who is behaving a little mischievously. This cheeky, fresh cider will tantilise your taste buds

NZ Cider Awards Trophy.jpg

Awarded the Trophy for Best New World Style Cider at the NZ Cider Awards 2016


Harvest: 2016
Alcohol: 5.0% 
pH: 3.47
T/A: 4.8 g/L
R.S: 30 g/L


Made from 100% Nelson Fuji apples, this cider has good straw colour with a light green hue. A sweet ripe fruit bouquet and somewhat wine like on the nose. The palate is of fresh, crisp apples with a well-balanced residual sweetness. The carbonation is not overpowering and adds lightness and freshness to the palate, with good palate length. Overall the cider shows off the use of ripe Nelson apples in a bottle and would be a good pairing with mussels, salmon and pork dishes. 


Fuji Apples for this cider were hand harvested at perfect ripeness, before being transported a short distance to the cidery, where the fruit was chipped and pressed with high pressure producing 100% natural fruit juices. These pressings were given the time to naturally oxidise and soften to develop complex colour and flavour characteristics. After 48 hours of cold settling in stainless steel tanks, the juice was racked and inoculated with specialised cider yeasts, purposely chosen for the development of complex flavours. The ferment was controlled over 21 days at cooler temperatures. After fermentation was complete the cider was settled over the course of a week before being gently racked and sulphured. The cider was held for 2 weeks in tanks to develop complexity – without losing freshness, before being bottled.


The 2015/2016 growing season in the Nelson region began with near perfect spring and early summer conditions, with excellent flowering and fruit-set leading to large crops in the orchards. Meticulous orchard management (including fruit thinning) by the orchard crew, kept trees in balance throughout the season, ensuring even and beautiful ripening of the fruit. The warm days and cooler nights typical of Nelson region ensured that the Fuji’s developed a full flavour profile while retaining good sugar and acidity levels, with optimum ripeness reach in early April.


500ml Bottle