Tutu cider case: 12x500ml bottles

Tutū Cider New Zealand
Tutū Cider New Zealand

Tutu cider case: 12x500ml bottles


12x500 ml bottles

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What the origin story is

In Maori, being a ‘little Tutū’ is a colloquial term for being cheeky and mischievous, so Tutū is here to help you to explore the fun side of your personality. We are bringing to life the cheeky side of our cider through use of the Kea bird as it is notoriously known for getting up to all kinds of mischief here in NZ. This cider, part of a wider Kono whānau that includes Tohu and Aronui wines, is the young, cheeky sibling of the family. 

where apples 🍎 come from

There are many parts to the Kono business, including the essential ingredients that make a stunning cider: orchards and apples. The beautiful single varietal Fuji apples are sun ripened on our ancestral lands in Nelson. Our orchards are located in the sunny Motueka area, home to some of New Zealand’s best fruit. From an area with most sunshine hours in New Zealand, and a Maori approach and care for the land that our grandfathers would recognise and our children will thank us for, it’s a stunning combination that allows us to craft a beautiful cider. 

More about the apples

Fuji apples are typically large with a dense flesh that is sweeter and crisper than other varieties, making them popular with consumers around the world, and even more popular with our Tutū cider fans. 

The production

The apples are pressed, brewed, and bottled not far from the orchards, the block where these apples are grown in Motueka, Nelson. This means the carbon footprint is low; it’s all about source to bottle in a few small steps. In fact, our apples travel a short 40km’s from our orchard to be bottled as Tutū cider. From source to bottle in 40km’s, this is kinder to the environment for sure. 

Who makes it 

Jarrod Robinson is our Head Cider Maker, who overseas every step of the process. Jarrod brings to the job a strong Nelson family history of cider making. The Robinson family are renown in NZ as a pioneering family of fruit wine, juice, and cider, so it’s great that Jarrod can keep the family tradition going strong with Tutū Cider. 

Tasting notes

A sweet ripe fruit bouquet, somewhat like wine on the nose. The palate is of fresh, crisp apples, with a well-balanced residual sweetness. The carbonation is not overpowering and adds lightness and freshness to the palate. 

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